Split Testing Recipe: Consciousness + Integration + Thinking + Freedom = Ideas

"Split testing Ideas by Integration of Consciousness!"

 (2024, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire)

The purpose is to split test the integration of imagination, concepts, thinking,

knowledge, ideas or idea management with thinking skills, Indigenous Creator Law,

the Trivium, AI, Freedom of Thought & Honesty to Influence Paradigms.

Here is an example Idea

Mission to Save the Indigenous 9 Universes,
Indigenous Knowledge & Ways of Life.

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What we do

We use an array of ideas to integrate our freedom of thinking with:

AI, Streaming, webinars, live streaming, in-person events, teams, groups, individuals, multimedia

content, social networking, influence, concept mapping, thinking skills,

sociograms, mind mapping, accelerated learning strategies, information maps,

infographics, or other strategies to enrich, shift, evolve or replace current paradigms.

Concepts such as humanitarian social entrepreneurship supported by business entrepreneurship

are how any person with an idea can pursue their vision individually or collectively.


the life blood of humanity. The more ideas that can be made conscious. The better off future generations can be to make effective, self reliant, honest and creative decisions. Whether the decisions are on an individual, family, community, national or globalism level.

Integration of Thinking

The Freedom of the integration of thinking is a creative ongoing discovery process that entails venturing. Into both the known and unknown realms of human knowledge, technologies, innovations & social environments, culture environments, information environment & other environments.

Mentally Cumulating Life, Energy & Matter with Consciousness.

Check out the Projects

Hold to Account for Genocide & Call for National Commission Inquiry to Decommission RCMP

For human beings caught between Canada's & Province's systemic bias and colonialism and genocide outputs, there’s a solution.

Taking Charge of the 9 Universes
& On the Land's Living Systems internal/external Sovereignty, Responsibilities,
Gifts & Creator Energies with the BUILDING TOGETHER

Helping save, establish & maintain language & on the land systems & Indigenous critical infrastructure that preserve & pass on Indigenous teachings, training & healing to all people as a Net Zero Climate Change



Split Testing Ideas

Operating thinking principles, methods, tools & experiments through split testing

with consciousness, imagination

& integrated thinking.

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Integrated Thinking & Scenario Planning Out Your Idea

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Creating Reality

We’ve all heard how crucial it is to set intentions, goals, and targets.

Powerful goals electrify us.

Clear intentions energize.

Indigenous Creator Law

The exploration of the Creator Law with

real-world applications.

Economic Self Leader

There’s a quick and easy way to help the self, family, community & nation become

happier and healthier through


"Why wait when you can take action, now! "

Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire

"Freedom of teaching and opinion in book or press is the foundation

for sound and natural development of any people."

Albert Einstein

"Respect all life." Creator Law One

Randall G. Tetlichi, Indigenous Elder

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