Hold to Account for Genocide & Call for National Commission Inquiry to Decommission RCMP

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FILE NUMBER: A-12-2019-Koh'gwin'zhii
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Citations: (List is being integrated still & still locating specific citations to be updated brick by brick, & I propose each word, sentence & paragraph may end up as citations within citations in this Meta Information Map. Each block of information is an information map which are like puzzle pieces to the essence of systemic change being split tested.)

Scientific Method: Now the leveraging of the Scientific Method is a work in progress of a justice being cultivated. The freeing of the "self, family, community & nation" (Indigenous).  As a person or group of persons consider the following petition & subject matter. The natural phenomena of the human brain does form an interpretation. The associative memory does associate each person or group of persons frame's of references. Such an event or series of events are either in context or out of context. The Scientific Method is a factor that is outside of that associative memory if the associations of the person or group of persons have not engaged some aspect of the method. In a nutshell, the method being applied relies on exploration of scope that has formed relevant questions which lead to conduct research of accessing relevant data archives & possibly new data is generated. The forming of experiments are then explored as the analyzing of data & forming of conclusions occur. This data source has parallel events of adding to data archives and evident markers are identified or not. Then results are reported leading to the integration of a theory. The theory acts as a guide to interpret contextual facts and become the starting point of Nomos, Policies, Tools, Systems, or Culture as sample ways for leveraging benefits.

Thus, when a person or group of persons construct their idea of the information on this subject matter to form a view, opinions, consensus or conclusions. Then communicate that information as views or allegations “without showing the work” (Math) are biasing the information when they have not demonstrated their view, opinions, consensus, or conclusions without the Scientific Method.

Integrating of the Scientific Method with a Neothink Mentality, Tools & Prime Law:

If there are conceived of flaws attributed to Neothink’s flawless Prime Law.

Those attributed flaws are in the readers & listeners Neocortex being associated.

As the brain does simulate what is being presented based upon the concepts already within the neocortex. The brain re-presents a perception of the information. 

The brain even presents to the reader & listener a version of what is being observed. However, if the concepts are not present in the neocortex then perceiving what is being presented cannot be perceived. 

Not yet, as concepts are required leading to being able to now perceive.

There are even instances when no perception is present as the brain is gathering new information and then can construct a perception of what is being presented.

Another scenario is relevant when the object being perceived is not the object being perceived. The brain constructs a perception that is not what is written or spoken.

Now, a closed mind won’t allow the contemplating of the new idea’s concepts to perceive the written or a spoken information. 

An open mind can contemplate the new idea if they are curious, and that open mind leads to integrating concepts or new concepts being offered about an idea akin to Neothink’s Prime Law.

Being called to explain: If a person or group of persons has to request explanations on the subject matter or does not understand the subject matter. Those persons and group of persons are still in the process of learning, or they are going through the learning phases. Thus, they need to complete that learning process or self realize they are in a learning curve. Keep asking questions and locate that information.

The out-of-scope learning process whereby the person or group of persons does understand however does not agree due to their adherence to some other scope, frames of references or doctrine is a different matter.

There are various other possibilities where learning and comprehension are not relevant due to a person or group of persons intention such as:
Ego, competition, "being right" (de Bono), testing for deception, crime, fallacy, stereotyping, to shift paradigms to their subject matter, or shift the attention away from the subject matter to the author & authors to characterize them into specific attributes & attributions for different motivates or to assert themselves as an authority on the subject matter to build up their platform or to take on the pseudo role of authority figure rather then rely on "consciousness" (Jaynes; https://youtu.be/Mo4V0SNZ0tY?si=9uJUfkbWJcWWwdgM) are all out of context. These intentions to summarize are out of scope of this petition. Those persons or group of persons have their own agenda which is not relevant to the ongoing practices of this petition.

"It is said in a word that there is no authorization from outside. Behold! There is nothing there." (Jaynes)
"We fragile human species at the end of the 2nd millennium A.D., we must become our own authority." (Jaynes)
"What we must do must come from ourselves." Julian Jaynes

(Liberation & Trigger Warning: The content you are about to consider may trigger you during this process of Liberation & Emancipation from the RCMP. If triggered, I invite you to take 9 deep breaths & if needed take more breaths later or pray to the Creator, Mother Earth, Grandfather’s, Grandmothers (Spirits) or use religious or spiritual heritage, or call Elders in your community or call the Indian Residential School Crisis Line at 24-hour national crisis line: 1-866-925-4419.), (info. map)
(Note to reader: When I write there are English rules where the voting citizen, thinker, speaker, writer, or reader is presumed to understand. The observer asks for more info or the reader will default to looking up the info. This means any errors & mistaken interpretations of the writing by the reader is the reader's responsibility not the writers. The writer is still ever evolving this Meta Information Map.) 
Advocating for Indigenous Freedom of Internal & External Sovereignty
(The Prime Issue with Advocating for Indigenous Internal & External Sovereignty has been a challenge.  I had encountered many obstacles & the main one is the attitude & culture of my family and I are not supposed to be free of "Initiatory Force, Coercion & Fraud" (Neothink Prime Law) or not be Indigenous or Status or Metis or have Indigenous human rights or we are not allowed to be with our nation or we are not allowed to practice Indigenous culture & language or we are not allowed to be external & internally sovereign or we are not allowed to know about being sovereign as Indigenous or we are not allowed to seek justice at the International Criminal Court or we are only allowed to be a Canadian as indoctrinated by the mother's conditioning with the Residential Schools or not allowed to be self determined. When it is required to be self determined and internally and externally sovereign to advocate for Indigenous Ways of Life & Human Rights or free of "Initiatory Force, Coercion & Fraud" (Neothink Prime Law). (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)
Click here if you want to listen & watch video instead and come back & sign:
https://youtu.be/Mo4V0SNZ0tY (muliti-media Info. map)
For human beings caught between Canada’s & Province's systemic bias, colonialism and genocide outputs, there’s a solution. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

It is a sound vision to decommission the RCMP/GRC as a viable root cause of national healing of paradigm, mission, culture, and core processes of Indigenous & Canada’s Nomos, alike. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

The Proliferation of designing the "abolishment of state Initiatory force, deception, & coercive" (Hamilton, Wallace) influence & legislation as a sample paradigm axiom is a path of radiant health, happiness & freedom for all peoples. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

There is no happiness & living Indigenous Ways of life with the RCMP/GRC continuing to exist rather there is only a mirage of empathy, hope, & first & second order change on the horizon, so we the people shall cherish the vision that decommissions the RCMP/GRC, brick by brick. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

For generations the people were indoctrinated by the RCMP/GRC Acts, policy, public relations & influence campaigns of inter-generational indoctrination processes to be pro systemic bias, anti-empathy, pro denial of the Canada's RCMP & others Genocide, pro ethnocentrism or cultural imperialism, pro colonial & forced assimilation of Nomos.

The RCMP conceived of conditioning Canadians & Indigenous as if they are all separate languages & cultures as they are predicted to have scoped out the breaking of the interconnection of values, beliefs, norms & behaviours.

Then replace the language Culture through separate Treaties, Agreements & so called settlements which is another term for legal settlements between tyrants like lawyers, judges & politicians. Not all of them.

So the people have transferred psychological control & psychological skills to the RCMP & so called governing officials like politicos to shot call all affairs of Indigenous sovereignty, land & resources. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Today’s generations are responsible for the systems of “the social” (Sociology) shaped by the RCMP/GRC as the (TRC) revealed war crimes from which the RCMP/GRC anti-empathy, pro systemic bias paradigm, mission, culture & core processes to colonize & forced assimilation were & are still funded to operate. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Canada leveraged & assumed the opportunity of indoctrinating or conditioning The Indigenous Human Development Pillars habits and paradigms or modes of thought. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Canada or the RCMP/GRC Acts were & still are against emancipation of Indigenous human beings from RCMP/GRC funded & built systemic bias (i.e.: White Supremacy), culture imperialism, Genocide, war crimes, Misogyny, sexism, discrimination, land & resource theft, colonialism & indoctrination. All private & public industry from banks to nonprofit to governing institutions to RCMP to Crown all the way back to the Queen of England as a sample. Are not immune to their genocide. RCMP orchestrated that genocide from MMIW & MMI Children, mass sterilization, starvation, children mass graves, or forced relocation & so on. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

This waste of funding on the cost of labor & cost of goods ratio for RCMP/GRC ideas of human rights being devalued as they submitted proposals for funding every year signed off by Prime Ministers [i.e.: Jean Chrétien or "Pierre Trudeau" ("We starved them to death.") p. 119, Maclean’s Special Commemorative Edition, Trudeau] - Former Prime Minister of Canada. Who helped starve & knew Canada was leveraging the Elements of Genocide by the Members of Parliament, & others for the RCMP/GRC mission which is an information managed history that edits out. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

The RCMP/GRC carry out an existential public safety threat mission, culture & core processes. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

The government's RCMP/GRC generational genocide and inter-generational traumatizing, inter-generational colonialism, inter-generational indoctrination processes & inter-generational systemic bias mission (2021, The Wise Fire): (Info. map)

"Kill the Indian" (i.e.: Prime Minister of Canada, Members of Parliament, RCMP) or Indigenous in the human being by Canada or human beings. (Info. map)

The Indigenous Language is the embodiment of internal & external sovereignty attitude, culture & knowledge that gives the people the governing reins of the land & allows human beings to co-create with all life. 

This why Canada’s RCMP chose “Genocide” (Initiating force, coercion & fraud; Neothink) through colonial systemic racism to kill the Indian in the Child!

As social sciences focused upon shaping “self concept” (Social Psychology) to serve Canada’s criminality as Canadians & not as Indigenous to install
integration blockers on a calculated timeline. 

"Now, the so-called Governing of the subconscious or unconscious with operations of an intergenerational "Pavlovian" (Ivan Pavlov) (info. map)
involuntary & "Instrumental" (B.F. Skinner) voluntary (info. map) control panel of stimuli & cuing culture (beliefs, values, behaviors, & norms)," (2021, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire) and core processes (Levy, 1985) (Info. map).

"Institutionalizing or reinforced and punished (traumatizing) with the RCMP/GRC" (2021, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire) who were & are supported by:

the Catholic Diocese, King & Queen of England, Indian Act, Canadian Armed Forces, DFO, Social Workers, Social Sciences, Medical Model, Resource
Extraction, Central & Private Banks, Supply Lines, TV & Radio Broadcasting & other Institutions (inter-generational traumatizing &
Indoctrinating), as samples is now being quelled, curtailed, adapted & modified. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Canadian Mental health has many fallacies within the neocortex of sciences that still break the Hippocratic Oath. Many lives had to be freed from Mental Health & I predict there are many more lives are unfree!

As within Indigenous Education persons who need accommodation are gifted & must be valued & supported.

"I invite you to notice the term “black budget.” 

What is the 60’s Scoop as a sample?

A black budget of illegal covert operations & a covert Genocide of Indigenous Internal & External Sovereignty by the NDP, RCMP & others. With the overt double speech watered down label to conceal the reality of Canada’s RCMP, NDP & others black budget operational plan out of many akin to the Residential Schools black budget as a sample, & the like." (2024, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Call for Indigenous to switch on their Internal & External Sovereign Attitude & Culture. Step up into contemplation that dissolves Indoctrination. 
Go to an Indigenous Sweat Ceremony or an Indigenous Ceremony to by pass & counter act the Tools of Colonial Systemic Racism Genocide akin to the RCMP’s Black Budget “Residential School” ((i.e.: Tool construct pointed out by Wickham in her Thesis) Unconscious Behavioral, Attitude & Cultural programming-conditioning of Canada’s RCMP, Politicians & Others control matrix (i.e.: Constitution, legislation, Governance, Education, Economy). (2024, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire)

Canada’s RCMP, Politicians, Social Workers & Others who are leveraging & benefiting from the Colonial Systemic Racism Genocide trauma, complex trauma, & intergenerational trauma control matrix that elicits compliance, ceding, follow mode, & obedience of Indigenous to think they are subjects, slaves, Indigenous Canadian Citizens & must obey Canada, Canada’s RCMP, Social Workers & Others ideas. (2024, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire)

UNDRIP is not a modern idea as Externally & Internally Indigenous Sovereignty has always existed from Time immemorial. UNDRIP is part of the evidence of Canada's RCMP, NDP & Others Genocide.

Indigenous nations or Indigenous Proxies & Canada or Canada’s Capitalism and Socialism Corporations or proxies must build together! If none of the above do build together then liability exists for all who did not. 

The NWMP/RCMP of 1873 & others initiated force historically & present day. With the Royal Proclamation & Doctrine of Discovery referenced by the Indian Act 1867 & Dominion Land Act 1872.

In their back pocket to create those colonial systemic racism & genocidal ideas within jurisprudence so that Canada’s banks institutions, Capitalism & Socialism Resource Extraction Barons.

Appear to be legally allowed to harvest Indigenous Resources outside of Canada’s Domain & so called acquisition of new territorial sovereignty, sovereign authority, sovereign rights, Sovereign power & sovereign immunity or Domain jurisdictional boundaries.

Acquired through colonial systemic racism & genocidal actors such as the NWMP/RCMP of 1873 & others rely on “initiated force” (Neothink’s Prime Law) historically & present day.

Consensus is not science and legalese!

Due process is honest not partial!

Colonial Systemic Racism Genocide was established as Canada’s RCMP & others to destroy & seize Indigenous External & Internal Sovereignty. 

The Treaty construct of Canada’s side is a fallacy because of that colonial systemic racism genocide & they did not practice a treaty with Indigenous. Canada practices Genocide & slavery as a samples.

The Indigenous Treaty is honest and still is practicing honestly the treaty construct of internal sovereignty however the external sovereignty is inhibited by indoctrination & not practiced because of that “black budget” RCMP & others principles of indoctrination. (2024, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire)

Utilizing principles of trauma, complex trauma, & intergenerational trauma to condition the genocide of Indigenous internal & external sovereignty. Then to force thinking of Indigenous they are Canadian Indigenous or citizens of Canada and Indigenous are still forced. (2024, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire)

The unceded are still that internal & external sovereignty.

The perception NDP & Others represents Indigenous is false positive.

RCMP & Others have “not learned” (Sinclair) From Canada’s Genocide of Indigenous via Child Welfare Willful Discrimination, 60’s Scoop or Residential School through RCMP’s & Others colonial systemic racism conditioning processes. 

The NDP are one war criminal organization like the RCMP & there are many war criminals in Canada. Who are all accountable for genocide to be addressed at the International Criminal Court of Justice by Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire & whoever else dares to self lead their perceptual sets free! Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire as a sample was forced to be a Canadian. Even present day this idea of being a Canadian is a forced idea.

RCMP, NDP & Others are anti-indigenous to Indigenous externally & internally sovereignty. 

Neothink's Prime Law obsoletes the root cause problem and enacts the root cause solution so Indigenous are freed from slavery, being subjects & freed from the Canada's RCMP, NDP & Others 'black budget' trauma, complex trauma & intergenerational trauma tool to condition the generations to cede Indigenous External & Internal Sovereignty.

In addition, two constructs are utilized out of context with no actual science by persons and even groups of persons, as a sample

“Word salad” (utilized to genocide Indigenous) & gobbledygook.

"The construct called triggering is a fallacy!

Between “stimulus and response” (i.e.: associative memory) is free will & freedom of choice!

Canada’s RCMP & Others wilfully planned to wipe out Indigenous human internally & externally sovereignty memory. With Canada’s RCMP & Others “Black Budget” of legalized genocides to destroy Indigenous internal & external sovereignty. Where Indigenous present day still obey the indoctrination they are partially internally sovereign & not externally sovereign.

Canada knows they do not have internal & external sovereignty of Indigenous Soil & Canada has no burden of proof Canada is sovereign of current provinces. As the colonial systemic racism & genocide of Indigenous occurred by RCMP & others first such as the “black budget” Residential School as a sample.

Preconditioning Indigenous past & present day leaders to think ceding, selling, surrendering, compromising, conquered, or ceded & so on are negotiations or peace talks or friendship contract law.

These terms are colonial systemic racism & genocide operating target consequences. This means Canada’s banks, resource extraction, land tiles, legislation, jurisdictions, injunctions & other state tools & assets are all illegal, immoral & unethical.

Now, the Chinese Communist Party and Canada's RCMP’s & Others Systemic ideas root concept of totalitarianism leads to the extinction of free will within human beings.

Free will is impossible to condition out of human beings & impossible to sanction! (2024, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire)"

I learned through time how there is training that exists to achieve one purpose: external control.

These persons allow justifying taxation as a sample. They justify using “Ego & Ego Boundaries” (Samuels, Takamatsu) to stand up for so-called honest justice.

There are many other constructs like the two above within the culture environment utilized for maintaining external control or an external authority akin to the RCMP & Others.

I further predict the RCMP & Others has to be held to account for political instability as a sample.

The prime issue with Chinese Communist Party is they have bought Indigenous Sovereign soil without Indigenous Ownership Authorized Signature, finger prints, biometrics & the nations endorsement! The USA President & Prime Minister of Canada & King of England are in Big Trouble! 

The USA & Canada have taken that ownership & authorized signature & other identification & taken over the Indigenous Nation’s endorsement. And did the same with those resource extraction corporations historically! 
Now, that the truth is known! 

This is the prime issue with today as Indigenous Nations did not cede their internal & external sovereignty! No, matter how many Indigenous Children are genocided against in Canada’s RCMP & Others Residential Schools or other tools.

The prime solution is Neothink’s Prime Law! 

This acts as a root cause of peace that cultivates Indigenous sovereign soil allowing as a sample the Great Law of Peace to exist with all other Nations ideas.

Every Indigenous Nation has the same replicated blueprint!

Chinese Communist Party has also invaded USA & Canada present day! Through politics, policy, universities, & sovereignty which is all illegal! 

So, CCP has to go or be arrested for illegal activities & held accountable. The USA & Canada has to return all Indigenous Sovereign soil of Indigenous Ownership Authorized Signature, finger prints, biometrics & the Indigenous Nation’s endorsement of legislation, land, jurisdiction & so on. 

USA has already went down that road long ago. Canada has not!

Neither has New Zealand or Australia!

There is a bill to pay too! It was all illegal to take all the Cree trees, minerals, land, banks & so on! As a sample from Métis Alberta or Big Stone Cree Nation as one sample Nation! 

 Canada & corporations have to return all resources Like Banks, resource extraction, or anyone of these Capitalism Corporations or any entity who thinks they own Indigenous Internally & Externally Sovereign Soil & the advantages of ownership!

This is the genocide and this is the Colonial Systemic Racism! You CCP, You USA, You Canada have no rights to Indigenous Sovereignty. None of you have burden of proof, too! 

All sovereign nations can coherently observe, witness or parallel process all of the above from every angle of Justice both classified & unclassified!

Why does the NDP, politics, RCMP & others desire a society they supervise & mass control the people through fear, pseudo public safety notions & presume the people are inexperienced, need indoctrination not education, & must be forced to pay taxes & follow an external authority matrix? (2024, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire)

They want control of Free Will that exists in every human being. They want to place sanctions on Free Will & redefine & restructure free will as none existent and control of free will is anti-indigenous and anti-freedom. (2024, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire)
"So far the list of Indictments for Genocide and War Crimes in Canada is being worked and specific areas may be delimited as out of scope" (2021, Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire):

RCMP, OPP, DFO, NDP, Liberals, Conservatives, Armed Forces, CSIS, all Prime Ministers, All Attorney Generals or the Deputy Attorney Generals, All Public Safety Ministers, Members of Parliament, Religious Institutions (i.e.: Catholic Dioceses, Anglican Dioceses), Medical Model, Doctors & Nurses, Psychiatry, Social Workers & Social Sciences Partitioners.

Culture Genocide is biological Genocide as the neural pathways, neurons, brain, central nervous system, cognitive, affective, behavioral, & Mother Earth elements as a sample do exist and are linked together directly to the biology of a human being that do also exist. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Indigenous teachings & training (knowledge of principles, methods & tools), sovereignty, Land, resources, language, culture, & 3 levels of laws such as in my Cree culture of Creator Law, Natural & Tribal Laws are all biological, i.e.: neural pathways, neurons, brain, central nervous system. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Expressed in forms of habits, Nomos, neural pathways, neurons, central nervous system & brain. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

RCMP GRC Culture Genocide is Biological. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Modification means (Info. map): 

Decommission the intergenerational traumatizing & indoctrinating RCMP/GRC name, logo, Acts, funding, and operations by spiritedly decommissioning, decentralization and transferring all assets to viable, trust building institutions of integrity. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)
Decommissioning of the RCMP with Decentralization & Demilitarization of the RCMP & law enforcement is an inclusion approach that obsoletes systemic bias & leads to Nations & communities producing a culture environment of peace, honest public safety & social control & cost effective for everyone. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)

Hold to account. (Info. map)

  1. Positively Reinforcing the abolishment of state & agent (2021, The Wise Fire) "initiatory force, deception, coercing" (Hamilton, Wallace) (Info. map)
  2. Prohibit and abolish forced assimilation (UNDRIP, Bill C-15) (Info. map)
  3. Call for a National Commission Inquiry such as a Joint Federal/Provincial Commission (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)
  4. Be named possible options:
  5. 2021 to 20?? - Royal Commission on Decommissioning of the RCMP/GRC
  6. 2021 to 20?? - National Commission Inquiry on Decommissioning of the RCMP/GRC (Info. map)
  7. Call for a new Bill to be drafted and presented that replaces RCMP/GRC Acts. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)
  8. Call for Canadian Senators, Members of Parliament, Indigenous Peoples, Canadians, the people (National & International) to support the Decommissioning of the RCMP/GRC. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)
  9. Draft out new idea Missions, Cultures, & Core Processes to go through the developmental sequence of groups that form, storm, norm & perform into new honest Logos, Acts, Policies, Public Relations, Influence, & Nomos. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)
  10. Informal and Formal Sanctions on State & Agents to prevent dishonest doctrines of Anti-human ideas, (2021, The Wise Fire) "Initiatory Force, Coercion & Deception." (Hamilton, Wallace) (Info. map)
  11. Call to integrate an investigation into how social sciences & psychiatry has been utilized to indoctrinate and condition genocide through colonization, as the new Indigenous norms within the culture environment.
  12. Call to integrate an investigation into social sciences & psychiatry (info. map) and specifically police sciences for not using non lethal tactics & tools that existed on the same days the RCMP agents. Who decided & shot & killed Indigenous People rather then use an idea like an extended range impact weapon.
  13. Call to integrate an investigation into how the Crown & Crown Corporation is a key governor of Canada's RCMP Genocide & criminalization of Indigenous Peoples culture environments. How the Crown is a key governor of Canada’s RCMP Genocide who has allowed Terrorism, war crimes, military crimes & domestic crimes to be given immunity to destroy the land, water, air, language, & the people who live in a natural world practicing Indigenous Laws.
  14. International Criminal Court (information map) to hold the RCMP GRC to account for War Crimes, Genocide & Indoctrination Processes (this indoctrination information block is NOT a removed concept from this ICC information map as it is not outside of the ICC jurisdiction. Yet left here for future reference in other areas such as social control). (2021, The Wise Fire)
  15. ICC Info Map Update: ICC laws have no evidence indoctrination is a not component of genocide & I claim it is as I have scientific data & they don’t. Which they do now & they have to run experiments themselves or pay someone to show their evidence or replicate or disprove the scientific data. 
  16. Canada & UN is in possession of evidence based data historically & present day data cuing intelligence that RCMP, an illegal alien, carried out & is still carrying out genocide in unsovereign Canada which is a legal fiction external authority matrix.
  17.  Attributed to Indigenous Sovereign Soil, Creator Law, Natural Law, & relevant Tribal Laws to each Indigenous State.
  18. Resource Extraction (Info Map: Canadian Energy Paradigm) - 

International Court of Justice to hold Canada (info. map) and the RCMP and other institutions and agents to account.

This is an intergenerational war information map! Carried out in the context of genocide, extinction & culture assimilation by as a sample RCMP through war crimes, military crime, and domestic crimes.

The following RCMP members with families (information map) shall be affected, war, military & domestic crimes & needs specialized care & the decommissioning of RCMP shall not be affected by decommissioned, decentralization & demilitarization.

By, We, the People, Choosing (volition or will or freedom) too, one day at a time, patiently. (2021, The Wise Fire) (Info. map)


Matthew Morningstar
Koh'gwin'zhii ~ Wise Fire

Below are a combination of Meta Information and information maps citations.

Citations: (List is being integrated still & still locating specific citations to be updated brick by brick)

Levy, A. (1985) . Transforming
organizations : Second order
planned change. University of
California, Santa Barbara :

Tuckman, B. (1965). Developmental sequence in small groups. Psychological bulletin, 63, 384-389.

The 4 pillars of the United Nations

Stanford prison experiment, Psychology Professor Philip Zimbardo

Milgram experiment, Social Psychologist Stanley Milgram

“People's need to protect their own egos know no bounds. They will lie, cheat, steal, even kill, to do whatever it takes to maintain what we call ego boundaries.”

Andrew Samuels, British psychotherapist

Broken windows theory applied to the state & agent as a willful work plan to stimulate, cultivate, condition & operate the culture environment that favors Indigenous People's extinction, colonization & remaining ceded to serve as Canada's Indigenous citizenship & allegiance to the Crown & Queen. 
Used Torture construct methods from sociologically, psychologically, anthropology, social workers, law enforcement or social sciences & to condition & elicit ceding, surrender, selling off of sovereignty, land, living on the land & language. In the forms of Treaties, Metis, Scrip and other devices of extinction & romanization (cultural).

Subjects were required and RCMP fulfilled that request by kidnapping Indigenous Children under the cover story of education. Then, during that time period Illegal medical model human experiments & dehumanizing medical model polices were carried out. Under the false definition of the "greater good." While norming genocide as a way to further "Kill the Indigenous in the Nations Children." To create the long term goal of Canada being sovereign in the eyes the of the current lines of succession or Queen.

"Ignorance by a person who commits an offense is not an excuse for committing an offense. Section 19 C.C."

Timeline Context:

October 27, 2022

Members of Parliament Self Incriminated Unanimous of using Genocide with the Indian Residential Schools


Motion made by Proxy: Ms. Leah Gazan (Winnipeg Centre, NDP):

Leah Gazan
Caucus: NDP
Constituency: Winnipeg Centre
Province/Territory: Manitoba

Mr. Speaker, there have been consultations with the other parties and, if you seek it, I believe that you will find unanimous consent for the following motion:

That, in the opinion of the House, the government must recognize what happened in Canada's Indian residential schools as genocide, as acknowledged by Pope Francis and in accordance with article II of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Hon. Anthony Rota
Caucus: Liberal
Constituency: Nipissing—Timiskaming
Province/Territory: Ontario
The Speaker:

All those opposed to the hon. member’s moving the motion will please say nay.
It is agreed. The House has heard the terms of the motion. All those opposed to the motion will please say nay.

(Motion agreed to)

May 17, 2022

Government of Canada supports Indigenous communities across the country to address the ongoing legacy of residential schools


“The historical relationship between Canada and Indigenous Peoples is one framed by colonial practices, especially the residential school system. We acknowledge this and the devastation it has caused, and recognize that trust needs to be built, wrongs need to be addressed and healing needs to be supported. That is why we remain committed to working with leadership, Survivors, their families, and communities – in undertaking the difficult work ahead - at their own pace, according to their own vision and priorities."

The Honourable Marc Miller,
Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations 

"The impacts of residential schools have affected generations of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and the hard work to address this shameful policy and the intergenerational trauma it created will take time. We are committed to listening to Indigenous voices as we work to address the legacy of residential schools and support Survivors, their families and communities. "

The Honourable Patty Hajdu 
Minister of Indigenous Services 

"We recognize that colonial policies created systemic injustices for Indigenous Peoples and that we have to act. That’s why we support the reclamation, preservation, revitalization, maintenance and strengthening of Indigenous languages, cultures and cultural spaces in Canada. For families and for communities, it is our duty to ensure that history is not forgotten."

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez,
Minister of Canadian Heritage

"We must seek justice for all the children who never made it home and we are committed to working with First Nations, Inuit and Metis Survivors, families, communities and leaders to ensure this is done. The appointment of an Independent Special Interlocutor will be a critical step in ensuring unmarked graves and burial sites near former residential schools are respectfully and appropriately treated and protected."

The Honourable David T. Lametti, P.C., Q.C., M.P. 
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

“True reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples of this land means an honest accounting of the horrors of residential schools and forced assimilation. The RCMP has a central part to play in this; which will acknowledge its role in colonialism, address the challenges of the current relationship and chart a course to rebuild trust with Indigenous communities. With $5 million for the RCMP’s National Centre for Missing Person’s to investigate cold cases, funding proposed under Budget 2022 is both a meaningful step towards the pursuit of truth and another step forward on the journey towards reconciliation.”

The Honourable Marco Mendicino
Minister of Public Safety 

“Commemorated people, events, and sites give Canadians a window into Canada’s past and the truths we must share about our history. These histories reverberate in the experience of Indigenous Peoples today. By remembering them, we hope to advance reconciliation and heal the deep wounds that still persist. The Government of Canada will continue working in close collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and communities to remember, share and understand the painful experiences endured by Indigenous children in residential schools, so that we can move forward on path of healing and reconciliation together.”

The Honourable Steven Guilbeault
Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada

“For the first time, many Canadians saw the tragic legacy of Canada’s colonial past when the remains of 215 children were found in Kamloops, almost one year ago. As more remains are found across the country, it is a painful reminder to us all of past wrongs, the intergenerational trauma caused by the residential school system, and the long road ahead toward reconciliation. Survivors of residential schools and their families are my friends; they are my community. It’s not ancient history. The impacts of these institutions are felt to this day. We must do this important work in partnership, and in support of Indigenous communities, in honouring the memory of all those who did not come home; honour the lives of those who survived and help them heal; and, ensure no Canadian forgets what happened here, so it may never happen again.”

The Honourable Daniel Vandal, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Northern Affairs, Minister responsible for Prairies Economic Development Canada and Minister responsible for the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency

MAY 25, 2021 3rd Reading to June 21, 2021 Royal Assent

Second Session, Forty-third Parliament,
69-70 Elizabeth II, 2020-2021
Endorse Canada, RCMP & Others are of Guilty War, Military & Domestic Crimes
3rd to 4th Reading by https:

An Act respecting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Is direct evidence of the elements of genocide being endorsed by the House of Commons & Senate. This means they are guilty of genocide, war, military, & domestic crimes. Now, to be held to account at the International Criminal Court.)


2022 Royal Canadian Mounted Police entitled, “The Toxic Culture of the RCMP: Misogyny, Racism, and Violence against Women in Canada’s National Police Force issued by Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)

Click Here for citations of report: https://fafia-afai.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/FAFIA_RCMP_REPORT.pdf 

2021 CPA Policy Statement on Conversion/Reparative Therapy for Sexual Orientation (Relevant linkages: "negative outcomes such as distress, anxiety, depression, negative self-image, a feeling of personal failure, difficulty sustaining relationships, and sexual dysfunction. (e.g., Haldeman, 2001; Shidlo & Schroeder, 2002; Beckstead & Morrow, 2004; Glassgold et al., 2009)")


End Conversion Therapy in Canada on Change.org:

(Relevant linkages: "force, coercion, psychological techniques...")


2021 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act

2020 Broken Lives, Broken Dreams: The Devastating Effects of Sexual On Harassment in the RCMP

"September 6, 2019, the Tribunal ordered Canada to pay the maximum compensation ($40,000) allowable under the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) to First Nations children and families who were impacted by Canada’s discriminatory practices" (FNCFS, AFN)

"January 26, 2016, the Tribunal ruled that the Canadian government is racially discriminating against 165,000 First Nations children in its provision of the First Nations Child and Family Services (FNCFS) program and flawed, narrow implementation of Jordan’s Principle" (FNCFS, AFN)

2016-2019 - National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) ~ MMIWG Calls to Action & Reclaiming Power and Place Reports 1a & 1b.

Daniels v. Canada (Indian Affairs and Northern Development) Collection:  Supreme Court Judgments
Date:  2016-04-14
Neutral citation: 2016 SCC 12
Report: [2016] 1 SCR 99
Case number: 35945

2009-2015 - Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

2011 The Role of the RCMP during the Indian Residential School System (Parallel timeline)

2001-2006 - Commission of Inquiry Into the Actions of Canadian Officials in Relation to Maher Arar
20 December 1993
Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women Proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 48/104 

1991–1996 - Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples

1985-1986 - Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals

1983 - Native Children and The Child Welfare System, Johnston, Patrick, Canadian Council on Social Development 

1977-1981 - Commission of Inquiry Concerning Certain Activities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

1967–1970 - Royal Commission on the Status of Women

1969 - The White Paper, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chrétien

1913-1916 - Royal Commission on Indian Affairs

1879 - Report on Industrial Schools for Indians and Half-Breeds". Nicholas Flood Davin

1872 - Dominion Land Act

1867 Indian Act

1763 - The Royal Proclamation (October 7, 1763)

1493 Doctrine of Discovery to assert authority and
jurisdiction over our territories throughout Turtle Island. 
(Crown title : A legal lie Sharon Venne, p. 15 of Whose Land is it Anyway?)

1455 “On the theory that the Pope was an arbitrator between nations, each kingdom had sought and obtained Papal bulls at various times to bolster its claims, on the grounds that its activities served to spread Christianity.”

"The bull Romanus Pontifex is an important example of the Papacy's claim to spiritual lordship of the whole world and of its role in regulating relations among Christian princes and between Christians and "unbelievers" ("heathens" and "infidels")."  The Bull Romanus Pontifex, (Nicholas V), January 8, 1455.

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